I am a content creator and marketer living in Cleveland, Ohio. I enjoy the lake, the food and the unpretentiousness of the people, if not the weather (half of the year, anyway).

My varied experience eventually led me to the tech sector when I joined TOA Technologies, a cloud-based field service software company, in 2013. I joined Oracle as a product manager when TOA was acquired in 2014, and currently I’m the senior content writer for the global go-to-market team in Oracle’s Advanced Customer Support business.

I’ve also spent some time writing about supply chain technology, which was great experience because I also happen to like online shopping.

I’m most interested in articulating the capabilities of technical products and services in a way that helps consumers understand these products’ impact on their daily lives. I also like working with salespeople and assisting them in communicating effectively with customers and prospects. I love learning about how to get the public to interact with businesses and institutions in a mutually beneficial way by leveraging social media and email marketing.

Other skills include social media and audience engagement, photography, basic Photoshop, a little Final Cut Pro, and all manner of content management tools and outbound marketing platforms. I’ve been actively blogging since 2003 and Tweeting since 2007.

Among my personal interests are reading, baking (multiple blue-ribbon winner at the Cuyahoga County Fair, 2011-2013), knitting, photography, history and politics (Tudor England, pre-revolutionary France, North Korea, WWII), and literature related to exploration and mountaineering.

You can email me.

I am HubSpot Inbound Certified.

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