Current Work

Currently, I am a product manager in Service Cloud Development at Oracle, a company which certainly needs no introduction. My product is field service management software, which may require some introduction, but suffice to say you’ve probably experienced field service if you’ve ever had anything in your home or business installed, repaired or delivered.

In my previous role as online content manager at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, I implemented a social media strategy that took a near-dormant Facebook page to a robust, interactive and lively community. I was also instrumental in creating content for the new, which launched in 2014. This site represented the first major redesign of the Museum’s online presence since 2007.

I created the “Discovery Starts Here” messaging for the Museum, which is still (even as of September 2015!) being used in television, radio, print and display ads throughout the region.

As co-editor of, I wrote articles on style, cooking, cocktails, shopping and the arts. You can see my author bio and explore the site by clicking here. I also worked as a content producer for the site, editing and publishing articles in the custom-designed content management system. Many of the photos and galleries on the site were also contributed by me. A significant part of OA’s push to the market included an early form of content marketing, with local experts contributing articles on everything from cocktails and travel to education and visual arts.

Discovery Starts Here concept from Sarah Sphar on Vimeo.

For more examples of my work, including feature stories and news articles for a national tech trade publication, please email me.

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